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Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) Spells Out Strict Dress Code: No Miniskirts, Crop Tops, or Sagging Pants Allowed

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The Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) has issued new dress code guidelines for its students.

In an internal memo dated October 11, the university administration expressed concern about inappropriate dressing among some of its students.

The memo, which was seen by  Radio Jambo, was signed by the Student President, Dr. Benadatte Abwao, on behalf of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and the school’s administration.

I take this opportunity to thank all students who dress respectfully when they come to the university. However, we have noticed and are concerned about the indecent dressing of some of you,” said Masinde Muliro University Student Leader, Dr. Bernadatte Abwao, in the statement.

The following are not allowed: very short skirts, tight-fitting trousers, ripped jeans, crop tops/T-shirts that expose the stomach, see-through blouses/clothing, short hoodies, and transparent clothing revealing bra straps,” stated the message.

Other prohibited attire includes slippers, crocs, T-shirts with offensive writings, sagging trousers, and clothing that exposes the chest,” the statement added.

Please note that slippers, crocs, and all plastic shoes are not considered formal attire and should not be worn within the University premises. We kindly request all students to dress respectfully,” read the statement.


Elsewhere, earlier this year, the Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) outlined a list of outfits they expect students to wear at the institution.

In a memo dated January 5, 2023, the varsity’s dean of students Esther Mbaabu noted that female students were prohibited from wearing tumbo cuts (popularly known as crop tops) and clothes that exposed their backs.

Mbaabu also noted that any female student caught wearing miniskirts ( any skirt above the knee line), skirts with slits above the knee line, see-through clothes and body-tight trousers would be breaking the code of conduct.

“The dean of Students wishes to encourage all students to adopt a style of dressing and appearance that would be acceptable in various fields of work and society in general,” the memo reads.

“All students are required to comply with the University code of dressing (sections 3.21) and wear appropriate attire during study, at meal times in the dining hall, and in all university functions,” the memo added.

Male students on the other hand were not allowed to have dreadlocks, earrings, and plaited hair.

They were also prohibited from wearing hats/caps in classes, offices, and untucked shirts.

“Rasta/dreadlocks, plaited hair, earrings, untucked shirts, vests that show bare chest, hats or caps in classes and offices would be considered as inappropriate dressing,” the memo added.

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