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Man’s Double Life Leads to Marriage Breakdown as Wife Discovers His Use of Cigarettes, Miraa, and Alcohol

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In a deeply emotional plea, 26-year-old Titus Mutinda from Machakos reached out, seeking reconciliation with his wife, Linet Mutua, 24, after their relationship took a tumultuous turn nearly two years ago.

Titus shared the story of their one-year marriage that crumbled in 2021 when Linet discovered his substance abuse.

Initially, he had deceived Linet, claiming he was drug-free while he was secretly smoking, chewing miraa, and drinking alcohol.

“She was my wife. We got married in 2020. At that time, I was working as a motorcycle taxi rider, but the business wasn’t doing well. She asked me if I used drugs, and I told her I didn’t. However, I was smoking, chewing miraa, and drinking. I don’t know how she found out. We used to live together, but most of the time, she stayed at her parents’ place. There came a time when my phone was always off; when I sent her messages, she wouldn’t reply,” Titus confessed.

The situation escalated to the point where Titus moved from Kitengela to Kitui, putting physical distance between them.

Despite his attempts to call and reconcile, communication became strained.

“Whenever I call, she doesn’t respond properly. After that, things change. I don’t know how she found out about my drug use. I started smoking in fourth grade. I quit for a while. I used to smoke occasionally. After finishing school, I got into drugs. I quit drugs last year when I was in Kitengela. I haven’t used anything for a while. I used to smoke regular cigarettes,” he explained.

Titus expressed the complexities of their relationship, highlighting moments of hope intertwined with disappointment.

“Sometimes we meet. When we meet, she can’t ignore me. We talk as if we never had any issues. We discuss how she will come back, but after that, she never does. Her mother can intervene if she hears I am feeling low. She told me she doesn’t have anyone. We got together, and that’s when I broke up with my ex. We had issues related to phones. She told me she didn’t want my baggage. We broke up completely. She told me she had moved on.”

Regrettably, Titus’s attempts to reach Linet were in vain, as she did not answer numerous phone calls.

When given the chance to speak to her on air, his message was simple yet heartfelt, “I still love you very much. I want you to come back home so we can continue our lives together. That’s all.”

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