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KRA Opens Doors for Job Seekers: Over 30 Vacancies Advertised, Encouraging Qualified Kenyans to Apply Online – Here is A Step-by-Step Guide

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The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has recently announced more than 35 job vacancies as part of its ongoing tax collection efforts to meet revenue targets.

Interested and qualified individuals have been encouraged to apply for these positions through the KRA’s online recruitment portal.

The application deadline for most positions is October 29, with a few exceptions, such as the assistant manager position in the knowledge management infrastructure (strategy innovation and risk management department), which has a deadline of October 31.

KRA emphasized that there are no fees associated with any stage of the recruitment process, including application, shortlisting, interviewing, and job offers.

The organization highlighted its commitment to building a strong professional team, with over 8,000 employees deployed nationwide.

KRA also boasts a favorable work environment with dedicated mentors to nurture talent and has been recognized among the top five employers of choice in the country.

The advertised vacancies include a variety of roles:

  1. Assistant Manager – Knowledge Management Infrastructure (Strategy Innovation and Risk Management Department)
  2. Manager – Strategy, Policy Analysis, and Stakeholder Engagement (Strategy Innovation and Risk Management)
  3. Supervisor – Data Requirements Management (Strategy Innovation & Risk Management Department)
  4. Supervisor – Quality Management Systems
  5. Supervisor – Marketing & Communication
  6. Assistant Manager – Marketing & Communication
  7. Manager – Marketing & Communication
  8. Chief Manager – Marketing and Communication
  9. Assistant Manager – Strategic Reporting (Strategy Innovation and Risk Management Department)
  10. Manager – Organic Chemicals and Polymers Testing (Strategy Innovation and Risk Management Department)
  11. Supervisor – ERM Risk Registers (Strategy Innovation and Risk Management)
  12. Supervisor – External Enquiries (Customs – Strategy Innovation and Risk Management Department)
  13. Border Control Assistant
  14. Supervisor – Data Warehouse (ICT)
  15. Supervisor (ICT) – Solution Developer (ERP)
  16. Supervisor (ICT) – Service Support
  17. Supervisor (ICT) – Solution Developer
  18. Assistant Manager (ICT) – Solution Developer (ERP)
  19. Assistant Manager (ICT) – DTD Application Support
  20. Assistant Manager (ICT) – Service Support
  21. Assistant Manager (ICT) – Database Administrator
  22. Assistant Manager (ICT) – Incident & Security Surveillance
  23. Chief Manager – Service Management (ICT)
  24. Supervisor – Customs and Border Control
  25. Assistant Manager – Post Clearance Audit
  26. Assistant Manager – Petroleum Monitoring Unit
  27. Assistant Manager – Customs & Border Control
  28. Supervisor – Independent Review of Objections (Domestic Taxes)
  29. Supervisor – Independent Review of Objections (Customs)
  30. Assistant Manager – Independent Review of Objections (Customs)
  31. Assistant Manager – Litigation
  32. Chief Manager – Strategy & Planning (Supply Chain Management)
  33. Manager – Domestic Taxes
  34. Manager – Operations Office (Domestic Taxes)
  35. Manager – Policy & Tax Advisory
  36. Supervisor – Information Security (Internal Audit Department)
  37. Supervisor – Operations, Intelligence, Strategic Operations, Investigations & Enforcement
  38. Supervisor – Knowledge Management (Strategy & Programmes)
  39. Manager – Data Quality & Architecture (Strategy, Innovation, and Risk Management)

Each position has specific qualifications and responsibilities.

Job Application Guidelines for Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Vacancies:


  1. Go to KRA e-Recruitment Portal and click on the ‘Register’ button to initiate the application process.
  2. After registration, check your email for a confirmation message. Follow the link provided to confirm your email address and finalize your registration.

Logging In:

  1. Visit KRA e-Recruitment Portal after registration.
  2. Enter your username and password, then click ‘Log in’ to access your account.
  3. Once logged in, you will be directed to the ‘Applicant Cockpit’.

Candidate Profile (Creating or Updating):

  1. In the ‘Applicant Cockpit’, go to the ‘Candidate Profile’ tab.
  2. Click on ‘My Profile’ to create or update your details.
  3. Follow the provided instructions to complete your profile.
  4. Review your information and click the ‘Overview and Release’ tab.
  5. Ensure to check the provided checkbox to confirm your profile’s completion.

Application Process:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Employment Opportunities’ tab in the ‘Applicant Cockpit’ to view open job postings.
  2. Click ‘Start’ under ‘Job Search’ to view all available vacancies.
  3. Select a specific job posting to view its details.
  4. Click the ‘Apply’ button at the top of the page to apply for the position.
  5. Complete the application form by following the provided instructions. Ensure all mandatory fields are filled.
  6. After reviewing and accepting the ‘Data Privacy Statement’, click ‘Send Application Now’ to complete the application process.

In addition to these vacancies, KRA has also opened opportunities for graduate trainees who will be trained as tax administration experts.

“Kindly click on the link https://www.kra.go.ke/career, check for any available opportunities and follow the stipulated procedure to apply,” the taxman stated.

These trainees will focus on administering relevant tax and customs laws while ensuring compliance.

The program is aimed at university graduates aged 28 years and below.

For more information and to apply for these positions, interested candidates can visit the KRA’s official website and access the online recruitment portal.

The organization encourages all eligible Kenyans to explore these opportunities and contribute to the nation’s revenue collection efforts.


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