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Kate Actress and Phil Karanja’s Brutal Reactions to Milele FM Host

by Samantha
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In the midst of a storm of speculation, Ankali Ray, the fearless and tenacious anchor of Milele FM, took on the challenge of uncovering the truth behind the breakup of Phil Karanja and Kate Actress.

Approaching the sensitive topic with empathy, Ankali first reached out to Kate, former Tahidi High actress, offering his sympathies.

“Naongea na nani?” was Phil’s to-the-point question and Ankali responded by giving his identity.

But the radio presenter’s answer didn’t interest Phil who then asked him whether it was appropriate to call at such a time.

“Hii ni muda ya kupigia mtu,” the film producer asked.

“I was just calling to give my apologies,” a quick-thinking Ankali said before Phil abruptly cut the call.

However, his considerate approach didn’t deter Phil, who, questioning the appropriateness of the call, swiftly ended the conversation.

Undeterred, Ankali persisted and dialed Kate’s number, hoping to extend his empathy to her as well.

Unfortunately, his efforts were met with a similar outcome as Kate too decided to terminate the conversation abruptly.

Despite the setbacks, Ankali remained undeterred, expressing his intention to continue reaching out to the ex-couple in his quest for the truth.

Amidst the silence from Phil and Kate regarding the reasons behind their separation, rumors continued to swirl.

A particularly wild claim emerged, suggesting that Kate’s son had chosen to stay with Phil following the split, while Kate retained custody of their daughter.

In response, Kate vehemently dismissed the rumor as baseless and false, denouncing it as nothing more than “rubbish.”

This is rubbish!” Kate said in response to the claims posted on X.

As Ankali Ray persists in his pursuit of the truth, the public remains eagerly awaiting any insight into the mysterious circumstances that led to the end of a once-loving marriage.

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