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Kambua Shares Heartbreaking Story of Losing Two Children

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Gospel singer Kambua has shared a personal and touching story about the child she lost.

While Kambua is widely known as a mother of three children, including Nathaniel and Natalie, and her late son Malachi, she revealed for the first time that she is, in fact, a mother of four.

“Most of you know that I have three children, Nathaniel, Malachi in heaven, and Natalie with me. But the truth is I actually have four children. This is something I have never shared with any of you before, but I think it is time to bring you into my world and tell you about two babies that I have in heaven and two that I get to take care of,” she bravely shared.

In the interview, Kambua also paid a heartfelt tribute to her late father, reflecting on the profound impact he had on her life and expressing her wish that he could have had the opportunity to meet her children.

She recounted a moment from the early days of her marriage when her father suffered a stroke, and she and her husband were urgently sought after to be by his side.

Despite the health challenges her father faced, Kambua believed that they had more time together.

“Two years into my marriage, I started entertaining the idea of starting a family and becoming a mother. And the second wish was that he would meet his grandchildren from me,” Kambua shared.

“Dad and I never quite spoke about it, but at some point, I did allude that we were trying to start a family.”

However, the journey to motherhood had its own set of challenges and heartaches for Kambua.

She spoke about her last moments with her father and the pain of not being able to fulfill her wish for him to meet her children.

Kambua and her pastor husband Jackson Mathu welcomed their first child on August 10, 2019, after seven years of marriage.

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