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John Muuru: I scored B+ in KCSE, passed with flying colours at Kenyatta University, only to end up selling yoghurt

by Paul Nyongesa
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In the realm of Kenya’s competitive job market, where securing employment is a formidable challenge, John Muuru’s story stands out as an inspiring tale of resilience, determination, and entrepreneurship.

John Muuru was raised by a single mother, Jane Supuu.

Despite the financial constraints they faced, Jane Supuu did her best to provide her son with a quality education.

She invested her time and resources into his education with the hope that it would yield significant returns in the future.

John Muuru’s academic journey commenced at New Highlight Primary School in Dagoretti, where he exhibited exceptional dedication to his studies.

He excelled in his primary education exams, scoring an impressive 394 marks.

His educational journey continued at Upperhill High School, where he maintained his commitment to excellence and achieved a remarkable B+ in his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations.

Following his outstanding performance in high school, Muuru’s academic prowess earned him a coveted opportunity at Kenyatta University to study Agricultural Resource Management.

Four years later, he graduated with flying colors, equipped with knowledge and skills in agriculture.

Despite his impressive academic achievements, John Muuru faced a harsh reality common among many Kenyan millennials – the struggle to secure a sustainable job.

The promises of employment that had motivated him throughout his educational journey seemed elusive in a job market plagued by challenges and uncertainties.

The situation became even more challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic, as Muuru’s mother, a Mugithi artiste, lost her source of income due to lockdown restrictions.

Instead of succumbing to despair or idleness, Muuru decided to utilize his education and expertise.

He established a small agro-processing unit in his mother’s kitchen, where he processed raw milk and produced yogurt for sale.

While continuing to pursue job opportunities, Muuru’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to create employment opportunities for other young people in his community.

Muuru’s small-scale yogurt business proved to be profitable, offering a 100% return on investment.

“The yoghurt business is profitable even if I’m doing it on a small scale just to sustain myself. It gives 100% profit. I would like to go big because it will create opportunities for others,” he said.

Additionally, Muuru shares his knowledge and skills by offering processing lessons, charging a fee of Sh. 5,000.

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