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James Kihenu: Nairobi Man Who Started Nyama Choma Business with Ksh 30K Capital and Ended Up Making Ksh600,000 per Month

by Paul Nyongesa
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In the heart of Kenya, where the aroma of Nyama Choma wafts through the air, one man’s remarkable journey from modest beginnings to Nyama Choma mogul stands as a testament to resilience, innovation, and seizing opportunities in the most unexpected places.

James Kihenu’s story is a compelling narrative of how determination, hard work, and an entrepreneurial spirit can transform a dream into a thriving enterprise.

Early Life and Dreams

From a young age, James Kihenu dreamt of becoming an accountant. However, the harsh reality of limited financial resources forced him to put his dream on hold and take up menial jobs to make ends meet. He worked on farms and in various odd jobs to sustain himself and support his family.

Kihenu’s life took a significant turn when he secured a job as a butchery attendant in Ngong, Kenya.

Little did he know that this humble position would be the stepping stone to a prosperous future in the Nyama Choma industry.

The Butchery Years

During his six years at the butchery, Kihenu honed his skills and developed a keen interest in the Nyama Choma business. He realized that there was potential for substantial profits in selling roasted or fried meat, far more than the traditional raw meat sales.

This realization sparked a new dream within him – to become a successful Nyama Choma entrepreneur.

Taking the Leap

In 2011, Kihenu summoned the courage to step out of his comfort zone and into the world of entrepreneurship.

Armed with a meager capital of Sh. 30,000, which he had painstakingly saved over a decade of hard work, he embarked on his journey to create his own Nyama Choma empire.

His decision to venture into the unknown was not without challenges. Acquiring the necessary licenses consumed a significant portion of his startup capital, but Kihenu’s determination was unwavering.

From Startup to Success

Within a year of launching his business, Jimmy’s Choma Bite, Kihenu’s hard work and perseverance began to bear fruit.

The venture started generating monthly profits of Sh. 600,000, a remarkable return on his initial investment. Encouraged by this early success, he decided to expand his business, opening multiple Nyama Choma joints in the same location.

Kihenu’s approach to business extends beyond mere financial success. He places a strong emphasis on cooperation and values expertise, ensuring that his staff members are well-trained and motivated. His commitment to mentorship and fostering a positive work environment has not only contributed to the growth of his ventures but also to the development of the people around him.

Diversification and Beyond

Kihenu’s entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds.

In addition to his thriving Nyama Choma business, he has ventured into mixed farming. He raises pigs, dairy animals, and cultivates potatoes, diversifying his sources of income and ensuring a stable livelihood.

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