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I’ll Be Off to Saudi Arabia to Sign 500k Jobs Deal for Kenyans – President Ruto

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In a recent address at the Lang’ata Deliverance Church, President William Ruto reiterated his commitment to fulfilling his pre-election promise of substantial job creation.

Emphasizing his passion for advancements in the digital sphere, Ruto highlighted the strides made in the digital sector and outlined plans to import labor from overseas to complement opportunities in Kenya.

President Ruto revealed that he had engaged in bilateral agreements with several countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the United States, and Germany, to create employment opportunities for Kenyan citizens.

Specifically, an imminent deal with Saudi Arabia is expected to bring about 500,000 job opportunities.

“Those from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) want workers. Next month I will be travelling to Saudi Arabia to sign a deal in which 500,000 workers are needed,” Ruto said.

Ruto expressed his intention to travel to the Gulf nation soon to finalize this agreement.

“We are concluding the bilateral labour agreements and almost 12 countries want Kenyans to work there and we have made changes. Kenyans won’t go to do domestic work. We have signed bilateral agreements that include semi-skilled, skilled and professional jobs,” Ruto said.

Addressing concerns about the welfare of Kenyan expatriate workers, Ruto assured that the agreements were detailed and comprehensive, covering workers from various qualification levels, ranging from semi-skilled to skilled and professional.

The president’s initiatives aim not only to address unemployment but also to ensure the well-being of Kenyan workers abroad.

With these international partnerships, President Ruto is actively working towards realizing his vision of substantial job creation, bringing hope to many Kenyan citizens and furthering his commitment to the country’s economic development.

“We have so many Kenyans working outside the country. The President of Germany was here and he said he wants 200,000 employees. That is our plan for all these youths,” Ruto said.

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