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Ibrahim Onami: Kenyan Who Quit Ksh8,000-per-Hour Job as Mortuary Attendant in the US Due to Fear of Dead Bodies

by Paul Nyongesa
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Ibrahim Onami’s journey from Kenya to the United States took an unexpected turn when he embraced a job at a morgue in search of financial stability.

Onami’s relocation to the US was driven by the pursuit of greener pastures.

“There are very many jobs here. Whatever type of job you need, you will get. I came here ready to venture into
anything that would give me an income,” he stated.

He was fortunate to find a job that paid him generously, offering an hourly wage exceeding Ksh8,000.

However, his path to economic stability would involve a challenging and unconventional profession.

With a willingness to explore any work that could provide him with a stable income, Onami ventured into a role that many would find daunting—working at a morgue.

His specific duty was to cremate the deceased.

Handling dead bodies on a daily basis is a responsibility most people would shy away from, but Onami embraced it with the hope of building a better life.

Despite the emotional and psychological challenges that came with the job, Onami found some incentives that initially motivated him to stay.

The morgue facility offered accommodation, conveniently located near his workplace.

Additionally, he enjoyed two vacations a year, allowing him to rest and recharge. His employment also provided medical and life insurance coverage, along with various allowances.

One striking perk was that if Onami passed away while still employed, his body would be cremated at the facility free of charge.

Moreover, he had the choice of whether he wanted his remains to be airlifted back to Kenya, emphasizing the level of care and support provided by his employer.

However, the emotional toll of dealing with the deceased daily began to wear on Onami. The constant exposure to death and grief took a heavy toll on his mental and emotional well-being, prompting him to reconsider his career path.

Despite the appealing incentives, he decided to resign from his job at the morgue.

Currently, Ibrahim Onami works as a licensed nurse at a clinic in America. He lives in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Onami also ventured into content creation while in the US.

His vlog offers a unique perspective of American life and culture, highlighting the nitty gritty aspects such as cheap
shopping options, the vibrant American scene and tips on making your stay in the US worthwhile.

He delivers his content in a mix of Sheng and Kiswahili languages. He encourages his fans to live within their means
and remain humble at all times.

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