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Governor Anne Waiguru: An Unconventional Journey to Marriage – From How She Met Her Husband, Dealing with Arguments, to a Lasting Partnership

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Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru recently shared the story of her unexpected journey to marriage with husband Kamotho Waiganjo.

Despite her initial disinterest in dating or marrying again, Waiguru found herself drawn into a relationship with Waiganjo, whom she had known for years.

Waiguru who tied the knot in 2019 in a traditional wedding, shared that despite knowing her husband for quite some time, they argued a lot the first time they were tasked to work on a project together.

According to Waiguru, their relationship began when they were tasked to work together on a project involving the writing of the constitution.

Initially, they clashed due to differences in opinions about the finance chapter.

Despite their arguments, they eventually became friends.

Though she did not envision herself getting married a second time, Waiguru notes that Mr Waiganjo pursued her till she gave in.

Waiguru emphasized that they were just good friends for several years, having coffee dates and enjoying each other’s company.

She recalls, “He pursued me, despite being not interested in getting into a relationship at the time, I was in treasury and I had known him. We were both married and in chaplaincy circles. He was in the Christian lawyer Sacco and so was my ex. Then much later when we were writing the constitution, they needed somebody to help in the finance chapter and I was sent to go from treasury and assist the technical team which he was leading.”

Then adds, “So that is when we started arguing because he started telling me what was right and I told him, since he was the expert he could as well write it but then why were they calling me? But we continued arguing because I was telling him you cannot write it like this because these are the fundamental principles of public finance.”

However, questions from friends about the nature of their relationship eventually prompted them to formalize their relationship.

They decided to get married in a traditional ceremony in 2019.

Waiguru, who serves as the chairperson of the Council of Governors in Kenya, acknowledged her husband’s unwavering support during challenging times, especially when she faced an impeachment trial.

She expressed gratitude for his encouragement and described him as a supportive partner.

Kamotho Waiganjo, a prominent lawyer and former commissioner at the Defunct Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution, has been a source of strength for Waiguru.

Despite her initial reluctance, their relationship blossomed into a strong partnership, demonstrating the unexpected twists of fate in matters of the heart.

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