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Government Introduces Certificates for Kenyans Who Acquire Skills Outside Formal Education

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Kisumu Central MP Joshua Odongo Oron has proposed a groundbreaking initiative to enhance the Juakali sector in Kenya.

Oron presented the Technical & Vocational Education and Training Bill, 2023, before the National Assembly Budget and Appropriations Committee on Friday, October 6.

Under this proposed bill, individuals who acquire knowledge and skills outside the formal education system would be allowed to apply for formal certificates.

Informal learners with valuable skills would have the opportunity to obtain a nationally recognized Prior Learning (PL) certificate in the TVET sub-sector.

If accepted, this recommendation would enable Kenyans in the Juakali sector to compete more effectively in the job market and contribute significantly to the country’s revenue.

Additionally, MPs have suggested amending the Industrial Training Act to establish a system and structure for assessing and certifying individuals who have acquired skills through informal training.

These legislative proposals aim to bolster the Juakali sector without putting pressure on the national budget.

Juakali, which translates to “hot sun,” represents the thriving artisan sector in Kenya. It provides a productive means of promoting self-employment and has minimal entry requirements compared to formal jobs.

The sector values curiosity and skills acquired through on-the-job training.

Various skills, such as craftsmanship, bead decorations, vehicle repair, furniture making, shoe repair, metalwork, clothing design and repair, and pottery, among others, are prevalent in this sector.

According to a study report by Statista.com, the informal sector employed 15.96 million Kenyans by the end of 2022, representing 83% of the country’s total population.

The proposed initiatives aim to recognize and empower individuals in this sector, ultimately contributing to Kenya’s economic growth and development.

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