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Fresh Details Emerge About the Mysterious Disappearance of Nairobi Taxi Driver, Wife Allegedly Becomes the Prime Suspect

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In a troubling incident that has gripped the Kayole area of Nairobi County, police are currently detaining a woman, Teresia Masese, in connection with the mysterious disappearance of her husband, Evans Moracha, a week ago.

Teresia Masese was apprehended from her residence in the Mihango Area of Utawala on Thursday to provide a statement concerning the vanishing of her spouse, Evans Moracha.

Her involvement in the case arose when she filed a suspicious missing person report two days after her husband went missing.

Evans’ vehicle’s movements were traced, leading from Murang’a to Kirinyaga and eventually being found abandoned in Mihango, Embakasi, just a kilometer away from their home.

Despite relentless efforts by Evans’ family over the past eight days, scouring police stations and morgues and following every lead, there has been no sign of the 47-year-old online taxi driver.

Evans was last seen heading to his regular car wash in Mawe Mbili along Kangundo Road. He reportedly returned home to rest before resuming his taxi work at night, but he never returned.

Police investigations indicate that Evans was picked up from his home by unknown individuals in the dead of the night.

“It is said he came home after two and rested because he is an Uber man…as he disappeared, it is said that he was picked up from his home at 1:15 am and since then he has never been traced,” shared George William, Evans’ family member.

“It is shocking that some people can come and pick you up from your own house,” added Evans’ brother, Richard Moracha.

Despite his family’s exhaustive search, it wasn’t until 72 hours later that Evans’ car was found abandoned, its windows left wide open, nearly a kilometer from his home.

Teresia initially reported that her husband hadn’t returned home after leaving on Wednesday.

However, car tracking device records painted a different picture. Evans’ car left the Chokaa area at 1:44 am, traveled along Kangundo Road, and was spotted in Sagana at 03:49 am, then in Kirinyaga 54 minutes later.

Later that morning, the vehicle was seen in Kasarani, Nairobi, and subsequently at the Astrol Police Station in Runda before moving to Gitaru and then to Ongata Rongai at 10:02 am.

It was later spotted at South C at 11:09 am and at Airport South Road in Pipeline at 3:01 pm before being abandoned in Nairobi’s Njiiru area.

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