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Form 4 Candidates Arrested for Beating Other Students as a Farewell Gesture

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In a troubling incident, Form 4 candidates were apprehended for physically assaulting fellow students as a farewell gesture.

This shocking event occurred within the school premises reported in Uganda, violence broke out at a school when first to third-year students protested against the corporal punishment meted out to them by their senior counterparts in the fourth year.

The seniors, who are about to sit for their national exams, allegedly used this brutal approach as a form of farewell.

According to a local magazine, the situation escalated to a point where the police had to intervene.

They managed to quell the chaos by apprehending seven candidates suspected of leading the violence against their fellow students.

These arrested individuals are between the ages of 18 and 19 and were all preparing to sit for their national exams in a few days.

It is reported that this school has a tradition where fourth-grade students physically punish students from other classes as a form of farewell.

However, this time, senior candidates allegedly organized and attacked students from other grades, leading to intense fights within the school premises.

Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson of the country, stated that law enforcement promptly responded, restoring order within the school.

He confirmed the identification and arrest of seven leaders involved in the clashes.

During the altercation, two students sustained injuries and were rushed to the hospital for medical treatment, underscoring the seriousness of the situation.

The incident has raised concerns about the prevailing culture of violence within schools, highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive measures to ensure the safety and well-being of students.

Ensuring a secure environment for all students is paramount, especially as they approach crucial examination periods

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