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Eric Omondi Pays Ksh 2.8 Million Morgue Bill for Child Held for Four Months

by Paul Nyongesa
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Once again, activist Eric Omondi has demonstrated his compassionate side by extending a helping hand to a grieving mother whose son’s body had been held in a morgue for over four months due to unpaid bills.

Upon hearing the heart-wrenching story of this mother, Omondi was informed that her son, Dylan Calmax, had passed away four months ago, and his body had been in the morgue all this time because the family couldn’t afford to settle the accumulating bill.

Over the course of four months, the morgue bill had skyrocketed to a staggering 2.8 million Kenyan shillings, an insurmountable amount for the distressed mother.

“Dylan Calmax died four months ago, and he hasn’t been buried yet because the bill has accumulated to 2.8 million shillings. His mother, Christine Mbale, needs to lay her son to rest so he can find peace. She is devastated,” Omondi shared in his initial video, showcasing the distraught mother.

True to his nature, Omondi reached out to his online community, and within a short span, they collectively contributed the necessary funds, enabling the family to retrieve Dylan’s body from the morgue and provide him with a proper burial.

After securing a burial plot at Lang’ata cemetery and purchasing a casket, Omondi urged his followers to once again unite to ensure a dignified farewell for young Calmax.

“We have bought a casket with the little we received and dug a grave at Lang’ata cemetery. WE DID IT, GUYS!!! There’s no power like the power of unity!!! It’s us for us. We managed to give little Dylan a respectful burial four months after his passing. We successfully provided his mother, Christine Kaluki, with PEACE and COMFORT. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTED!!! GOD BLESS YOU,” Omondi stated in another video as they laid the child to rest.

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