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Eddy Ng’ang’a: Nairobi-Based Entrepreneur Who Defied Odds to Strike Gold in the Dog Airbnb Business

by Paul Nyongesa
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Have you ever heard of Dog Airbnbs?

Did you know that you can leave your dogs with incredible dog ‘nannies’ and go about your routines, vacations, and unexpected events?

Well, let me introduce you to this fascinating world where your furry friends are taken care of just like family members.

In Kenya, where many are familiar with Airbnbs for staycations and vacations, a lesser-known but booming industry has emerged – Dog Airbnbs.

These are specialized facilities that offer a range of services including hosting, feeding, walking, and grooming for your beloved pets when you can’t be there.

In 2021, a young entrepreneur by the name of Eddy Ng’ang’a recognized the need for such services in Kenya and decided to turn his love for dogs into a thriving business.

In just about a year since its inception, his venture, Alpha Kennels Doggy Airbnb, has grown exponentially, filling a void in the market and bringing smiles to dog parents all over the country.

Eddy Ng’ang’a, a 28-year-old alumnus of the University of Nairobi and a true dog lover, is the driving force behind Alpha Kennels Doggy Airbnb.

Located in the serene Zambezi area of Kikuyu, Eddy’s facility offers much more than just accommodation for dogs; it’s a haven for these four-legged companions.

Eddy’s journey into the world of dogs started nearly two decades ago when, as a young boy in lower primary school, he rescued a stray dog and took it in as his own.

“My first interaction with a dog was about twenty years ago when I was in lower primary school. I was walking to school with my brother when we bumped into a stray dog that I absolutely liked. We took the dog home, fed him, and basically adopted him. That is when I really grew a love and appreciation for dogs,” Eddy reminisced about his early days with dogs.

Fast forward to 2020, during the lockdown imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Eddy pondered over the challenges faced by pet owners.

One prominent issue stood out: finding a trustworthy place to leave their pets.

This realization sparked the idea of Alpha Kennels Doggy Airbnb, a place where pet owners could entrust their furry companions without a second thought.

Eddy claims that at Alpha Kennels, every dog’s personality is carefully assessed to ensure compatibility with other dogs.

“we meticulously assess each dog’s personality, pairing them with compatible companions to guarantee their safety and happiness. Our dedicated veterinary team ensures that every dog is fully vaccinated upon admission, shielding them from potential viral or bacterial threats. ” Eddy Said.

Moreover, he also claims that they  prioritize socialization, providing ample opportunities for dogs to interact, play, and form bonds, helping them cope with the absence of their owners and ensuring their overall well-being.

One of the remarkable stories that emerged from Alpha Kennels was the bonding experience between Eddy’s team and a pair of large breeds, a German Shepherd and a Great Dane, who stayed for an extended period.

“I had the privilege of caring for a pair of large breeds, a German Shepherd dog and a Great Dane, for a period of 9 months while their owner was away. During this time, we developed an inseparable bond that went beyond mere caretaking; it felt as if they were my own. Their endearing, goofy personalities and all the cherished moments we shared will forever be etched in my memory.”

Affordability is a cornerstone of Alpha Kennels’ ethos.

Eddy believes that quality pet care should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget. The prices are set in a way that allows pet owners to provide their dogs with top-notch care without straining their finances.

Alpha Kennels operates with a dedicated team comprising four employees, each specializing in specific departments: Boarding & Wellbeing, Training, Grooming, and Health. These passionate individuals work tirelessly to ensure every dog that enters Alpha Kennels receives the best care possible.

Challenges do arise, particularly in the health department, especially during natural disease outbreaks or parasite infestations in the country.

However, the experienced team at Alpha Kennels handles these challenges swiftly and effectively, ensuring the safety and health of every dog under their care.

As the pet culture steadily grows in Kenya, especially in urban areas, Alpha Kennels has ambitious plans for the future. Eddy envisions expanding their services by opening new branches in bustling cities like Mombasa, Nakuru, and Kisumu.

This expansion will not only cater to more pet owners but also contribute to enhancing the overall pet ownership experience in the country.


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