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Brian Chira Opens Up About Life Struggles, Says Has No Friends, Only Left With God and Wi-Fi

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Once again, TikTok sensation Brian Chira has stepped forward for a live interview to shed light on his life after many friends distanced themselves due to his actions.

Popular blogger Obina revealed that Brian Chira reached out to him for an interview on his blog to share the challenges he’s been facing.

“My friends left me, and I live alone. I’m left with only God and my phone, which I clutch tightly as I pray for better days. Often, when sleep weighs heavy on me, I find solace in my phone,” he said.

During the interview, Chira once again extended his apologies to his followers and fellow bloggers who had helped him build his online presence despite his past offensive behavior.

“I apologize to my elders. I acknowledge my mistakes and I want to rebuild my life and friendships. I feel incredibly lonely all the time,” confessed Brian Chira.

In this candid conversation, the TikToker narrated that alcoholism has contributed to the hardships that led to the disapproval of his fellow bloggers.

He earnestly pleaded for a chance to change his ways.

Brian Chira has been making headlines online due to a video that he admitted was posted on his account.

This video showed an individual engaging in explicit activities, which drew widespread criticism.

Chira shocked many when he undressed and started doing unpleasant things on live camera.

The act angered many- with a section calling for immediate punishment from the photo-sharing platform as far as Chira’s account is concerned.

A few months ago he was again on the spot after he undressed on TikTok live and started showing people his private parts.

As that is not enough, Brian is also notorious when it comes to insulting and abusing people on TikTok live.

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