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Benson Mbundi: Kisii-Based Man Who Fell into a Coma After Winning Scholarship to Study in the US

by Paul Nyongesa
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In 1999, Benson Mbundi was a young man with a bright future ahead of him.

He had just excelled in his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) Exams, securing a commendable grade of C+. With dreams of higher education and the pursuit of a better life, he successfully applied for the Electronic Diversity Visa Program (Green Card) to study in the United States.

It was an opportunity that he had eagerly anticipated, having won a full scholarship to a university in Texas, USA.

However, life took an unexpected and heartbreaking turn just a month before his scheduled departure.

While in his hometown of Bobasi Constituency, Kisii County, for the sendoff of a deceased relative, Mbundi’s health suddenly deteriorated.

What began as occasional headaches quickly escalated, leaving him with weak limbs and a loss of mobility. Despite his family’s desperate attempts to find answers, his condition worsened, ultimately leading to him falling into a coma.

A race against time began as doctors struggled to diagnose and treat Mbundi’s mysterious ailment.

Their efforts to restore his strength and mobility, particularly in his legs, proved to be in vain, and he was left paralyzed.

The vibrant young man who had been on the cusp of a promising future now found himself confined to his bed, dependent on others for even the most basic of movements.

In their unwavering determination to save their son, Mbundi’s family made incredible sacrifices, including selling all their possessions to cover his mounting medical bills.

Yet, despite their sacrifices, his dream of studying abroad slipped through their fingers.

The opportunity that had once seemed so close was now an agonizing distance away.

Although he still grapples with the effects of his illness and remains confined to his home, he refuses to relinquish hope. Mbundi appeals to the kindness of well-wishers for support, seeking assistance to acquire a wheelchair, a simple yet transformative tool that could enhance his quality of life significantly.

In addition to this, he aspires to provide educational opportunities for his children, driven by the desire to offer them the chances that he himself was denied.

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