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Another Quack Lawyer Dramatically Arrested In Sudden City Bust

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a shocking turn of events, Kenya’s legal landscape was recently rocked by the arrest of a woman masquerading as an advocate of the High Court.

Sharon Atieno Adunya, also known as Sharon Atieno Adunya Obade, was apprehended by the Rapid Action Team (R.A.T) in collaboration with Capitol Hill Police Station officers, under the vigilant eye of Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Eric Theuri.

The arrest shed light on a disturbing trend of individuals assuming false identities to run illegal law practices, posing a serious threat to the integrity of the country’s legal system.

Sharon’s audacious scheme involved stealing the identity of another person with a similar name, Sharon Atieno Obade, and forging crucial documents, including a National Identity Card and a Practicing Certificate.

With these fraudulent credentials, she not only represented clients in court but also operated her own law firm, Auma & Co. Advocates, all while being a student at the Kenya School of Law, indicating the audacity of her deception.

The Law Society of Kenya, in a statement, expressed its deep concern over the incident, emphasizing the need for stringent measures to verify the authenticity of legal practitioners.

LSK President Eric Theuri thanked members for their vigilance and assured the public that the fight against these impostors would be relentless.

The case follows closely on the heels of another incident involving a fake lawyer, Brian Mwenda Njagi, who gained notoriety in the country.

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