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Anna Ndunda: Makueni Woman Who Started Poultry Farming with One-Day-Old Chicks, Now Producing 43 Trays of Eggs Per Day

by Paul Nyongesa
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In the heart of Kenya, Anna Ndunda has transformed her poultry farming venture into a thriving empire, setting new standards in the country’s poultry industry.

At the helm of her operation is an elaborate battery cage system, a testament to her dedication and innovative approach. .

Ndunda’s journey began with a passion for poultry.

Understanding the significance of clean and efficient egg production, she implemented a meticulous approach to her farming practices.

The battery cage system she adopted became the cornerstone of her success.

“The cage system enables us to monitor the health and productivity of individual birds. This allows us to take appropriate action, such as isolating sick birds. More importantly, the battery cage system enhances efficiency in feed and water use by minimizing wastage,” she explained in a previous media interview.

In a nation where agriculture forms the backbone of the economy, Ndunda’s insights into efficient poultry farming practices are invaluable.

She emphasized the importance of sourcing high-quality day-old chicks from certified dealers. These chicks underwent a rigorous vaccination regimen, safeguarding them against common diseases and ensuring a healthy start to their lives.

“We stock Issa Brown, a hybrid chicken known for its high egg production. Chicks are transferred from the brooder to the cages at three months old. They start laying eggs at 18-20 weeks and continue until they are 18 months old,” she shared with Seeds of Gold in a past interview.

Ndunda’s success story took a pivotal turn when she visited President William Ruto’s renowned chicken farm in Sugoi, Uasin Gishu County.

Here, she learned about the cage system’s nuances and the vital role played by clean water and high-quality feeds in poultry production. Armed with this knowledge, she transformed her farming practices, prioritizing the health and comfort of her birds.

With 1,500 layers under her care, Ndunda stands as one of the largest poultry farmers in her county.

Each day, her farm produces 43 trays of eggs, a testament to the efficiency of her methods. Wholesalers eagerly purchase these eggs, distributing them to individuals, restaurants, and hotels in the bustling town of Wote. Customers marvel at the size and cleanliness of the eggs, qualities attributed to Ndunda’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards.

However, Ndunda’s success has not come without challenges. In a semi-arid region prone to drought and crop failures, she identified water and feed as her primary obstacles. Despite these challenges, she perseveres, spending a substantial amount daily on commercial feeds and monthly on purchasing water. Her dedication to overcoming these hurdles speaks volumes about her commitment to the industry and her community.

Looking forward, Ndunda has ambitious plans. She intends to expand her poultry stock to 10,000 birds, aiming for even greater heights in egg production.

Additionally, she plans to establish a model farm, opening its doors for training sessions on poultry farming and egg production.

By sharing her knowledge and experiences, she hopes to inspire a new generation of poultry farmers, further strengthening Kenya’s agricultural landscape.

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