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Ann Wakili: I Started With One Cow, Now Owning 150 Grade Cows Producing 1000 Litres Of Milk Daily

by Paul Nyongesa
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Ann Wakili Mwangi’s remarkable journey from a modest background to becoming the director of Meved Dairy Farm is a story of unyielding determination and unwavering perseverance.

Born and raised in a rural community, Ann’s early years were marked by a strong sense of resilience and hard work.

Her educational pursuits led her to a diploma course in Midwifery in 1981, setting the stage for her future endeavors.

In 1986, Ann and her husband embarked on a new chapter by acquiring a 5-acre plot of land, laying the foundation for their agricultural ventures.

Their first attempt at maize farming was met with challenges due to unpredictable weather conditions, but their spirit remained unbroken.

Despite initial setbacks, they persisted, planting again in the following season, and their efforts bore fruit. This early experience taught them the value of perseverance and resilience, shaping their approach to farming in the years to come.

The pivotal moment for their farm came in 2007 when they ventured into animal farming, starting with a Zebu cow.

Recognizing the scarcity of milk in their region, they introduced hybrid cows to boost milk production.

Their dedication paid off, leading to a steady increase in milk yield. The post-election violence in 2007/2008 prompted them to acquire six Fresian cows, a decision that significantly boosted their milk production.

With time, their daily milk supply reached an impressive 150 liters, marking a turning point for Meved Dairy Farm.

To accommodate the surplus, they invested in a cooler, enabling them to store milk efficiently after each sale. Securing a market for their products, they began selling to processors, solidifying their position in the industry.

Despite challenges such as droughts that temporarily reduced their herd, Ann remained undeterred, diversifying their operations by incorporating poultry farming.

Meved Dairy Farm now houses 10,000 chickens, producing an abundance of eggs and meeting the high demand for their products.

Their journey was not without obstacles; the soaring cost of electricity posed a significant challenge. Despite this, Ann’s commitment to her community remained steadfast.

The farm became a beacon of hope, providing employment to 72 staff members and 10 daily casual workers, thus addressing issues of unemployment and rural-to-urban migration.

Through sheer determination and hard work, Ann Wakili Mwangi transformed a small plot of land into a thriving agricultural enterprise.

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