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Akothee’s sister Cebbie Koks responds to online trolls

by Paul Nyongesa
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Cebbie Koks, the sister of renowned singer Akothee, recently addressed the ongoing wave of online criticism and negativity surrounding her marriage to Steve Ogolla.

Her response, filled with wisdom and maturity, sheds light on the resilience required to face adversities both online and offline.

In her statement, Cebbie discussed the skill of standing one’s ground, particularly when dealing with challenges in the realm of social media.

Drawing parallels between human behaviors online and offline, she pointed out the consistency in people’s conduct across various aspects of life.

According to her, human actions are influenced by a blend of empirical research and underlying beliefs and values. Cebbie highlighted the vital role that values, beliefs, and one’s value system play in shaping their actions and reactions.

Referencing social learning theory, Cebbie explained how children often mirror their parents’ behaviors, adopting kindness and helpfulness when shown those traits.

Similarly, negative behaviors can be imitated, emphasizing the importance of positive role models.

Cebbie acknowledged the difficulty in dealing with online trolls and bullies, individuals who exhibit a disposition of hostility.

However, she stressed the significance of not providing the reaction these individuals seek. She compared this approach to handling animals – staying calm and composed to avoid escalation.

By maintaining composure and not succumbing to provocation, one can maintain control over such situations.

For Cebbie, standing one’s ground is not about justifying actions or speaking one’s truth; it’s about asserting oneself with confidence and composure.

She reminded readers that people are who they are and emphasized the paramount importance of preserving one’s dignity and self-respect in the face of negativity.

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