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Akothee Finally Removes Husband Denis ‘Omosh’ Shweizer name from Instagram

by Paul Nyongesa
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It’s clear that the popular singer and entrepreneur Akothee has made significant changes to her Instagram profile. Looking at her current profile, it’s evident that the mother of five has removed her husband Denis Shweizer, also known as Omosh, from her profile and instead added details about her work. Previously, she described herself as ‘Mrs. Shweizer’ and ‘Marketer.’

The 43-year-old artist has now updated her profile to identify herself as the CEO of AKOTHEE SAFARIS, CEO of AKOTHEE FOUNDATION, and a MARKETING CONSULTANT. The name Mrs. Shweizer is no longer on her Instagram profile.

Additionally, it seems that the controversial singer has deleted some pictures of her white husband that she had previously posted. Akothee made these changes after her lavish wedding with Denis Shweizer that took place in Nairobi in April this year. The couple, who appeared to be a strong union, had promised a second wedding planned in Switzerland, which did not happen.

Akothee’s decision to change her profile again comes at a time when she continues to be a sensation on various social media platforms, after admitting that things haven’t been right in her life in recent months.

On a Sunday evening, Akothee expressed her concern about the terrifying times she has been through in the past few months. The mother of five revealed that she has been attending special counseling sessions with a psychologist and has been trying to recover privately for the past two months in an effort to restore her mental health.

She disclosed that her troubles began after discovering a certain truth and some horrifying details that left her frightened and plunged her into a pool of thoughts.

“I have come from a very dangerous place and I have been healing in private, I am in my second month of therapy following the trauma I went through after knowing the truth and the nasty details that left me trembling. There were days I would go without food and no sleep, I questioned and answered myself, it has been very heavy. Some nights, the night would be day, leaving me staring out of the window hallucinating things that were not there, I would find myself shaking for reasons I can’t explain, and mind you, I still had a job to do, a family to protect, and a kingdom to secure. I still had to put on a brave face and entertain my fans,” Akothee said on her social media pages.

She added, “Nelly Oaks has been calling fast, he was calling non-stop, he was afraid when my phone went off, my kids especially the girls, we made sure to set timers to check if I was okay. Rue followed me to Europe out of fear of losing me; the child made me stand on my feet. I started monitoring my behavior; I discovered I was overwhelmed by emotions frequently for no reason, even simple interviews. I was restless, and I couldn’t put a finger on it. I never knew about Emotional Abuse until I started therapy. I was in a bad mental state that made me pay 50,000 Ksh per hour for one-on-one therapy. I was trembling and losing strength, appetite, sleep, fear, and even losing motivation to do things I loved doing.”

Akothee officially tied the knot with Dennis Shweizer in a lavish wedding in April this year after dating for several months. It’s unclear if the two are still together as a married couple.

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