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Akothee Breaks Silence After Reports That Omosh Dumped Her Due to Allegations She Was Wild, Childish, and Expensive

by Paul Nyongesa
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Akothee has pleaded with social media users to help her report a Facebook account impersonating her husband Denis ‘Omosh’ Shweizer and being used for malicious purposes.

The 43-year-old musician posted screenshots of the account on Tuesday, revealing that it had over eleven thousand followers and clarifying that it did not belong to the real Mr. Denis Shweizer.

She alleged that the fake account was being used to deceive people by requesting money, an act that deeply angered her, prompting her to condemn it vehemently. The Fake account had also claimed that omosh dumped her due to allegations that She Was Wild, Childish, and Expensive.

“This fake account is now messaging people, asking them to send money. Please help me report this account. Omondi Denis was never on Facebook and he is not on Facebook,” Akothee said.

She added, “This is really bad. Have some humanity. Report this account Dennis Schweizer Omosh. This guy has no idea. It’s not cool. Enjoy as much as you can, but don’t be this cruel. Help me report this account. Thank you.”

According to the screenshots shared by the musician, the account not only used her husband’s name but also their wedding pictures.

At the time of publishing this article, Akothee and Omosh’s pictures had been removed from the account, but the name ‘Dennis Schweizer Omosh’ remained unchanged.

This incident occurred just a few hours after Mr. Schweizer’s Instagram account was deactivated on Monday.

Just a few hours after the musician expressed concerns, revealing that things had not been going well in his life in recent months after discovering a certain truth, his Instagram account with over seventy thousand followers disappeared on Monday.

Mister Omosh’s Instagram account was deactivated on Monday, fueling rumors that there might be undisclosed issues. The account had approximately 72,000 followers before it vanished. However, it is unclear whether the account has been temporarily disabled or permanently removed.

Akothee had already unfollowed the account before it was deactivated and had also deleted several pictures of her white husband. The mother of five had also made several changes to her own Instagram account, removing the name ‘Mrs Omosh’ from her profile.

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