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Akothee Breaks Silence After Alleged Ugly Confrontation with Migori Politicians

by Paul Nyongesa
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Fresh from her highly publicized heartbreak, Akothee has responded to allegations of political involvement and accusations of being barred from serving in Migori County.

In a social media post, the renowned musician and mother of five emphatically stated that she has no intentions of pursuing a political career in the county. Akothee, born Esther Akoth and well-known for her business acumen, emphasized her resilience and independence, having built her brand outside the realm of politics without any support from politicians.

She even recounted how some politicians had distanced themselves from her during the early stages of her career, dismissing her as a mere joke.

“Well, Migori, this evening I will speak. No one can intimidate or limit me. I built my brand outside politics without any support from politicians 🙏. Some of them even refused to associate with me when I was building my brand. Most of them saw me as a joke.”

However, Akothee did acknowledge and appreciate His Excellency Dr. George Ochilo Ayako, who recognized her achievements and appointed her as the Migori Brand Ambassador.

She clarified the distinction between her persona as Esther Akoth Kokeyo, Akothee the Brand, and Madamboss.

“I appreciate His Excellency Dr. George Ochilo Ayako for rising above the noise, offering me the encouraging words a sister would like to hear from a brother, welcoming me and my proposal, and appointing me as the Migori brand ambassador. Dr. Ayako understands the difference between Esther Akoth Kokeyo, Akothee the Brand, and Madamboss.”

Akothee firmly stated that her presence in Migori was not intended to replace anyone, and she reiterated her disinterest in county politics. Instead, she expressed her commitment to fulfilling her appointed role and responsibilities.

She emphasized her dedication to her craft and her commitment to her designated tasks, rejecting any temptation to become embroiled in local political affairs. Akothee underlined that she had zero interest in politics and was unfamiliar with its structure and intricacies. She urged political entities not to disrupt her mission, emphasizing her dedication to her responsibilities and the well-being of the people.

“I am not in Migori to replace anyone. I have no interest in county politics. I am doing the job I am good at and what I was appointed for 🙏. Love has deprived me of sleep, and I don’t want local political sideshows to trouble my spirit 🤔.

Tonight, it’s me and Migori politicians. You people will have to behave and work for the interest of the people. I am not part of your mandates. Don’t try to provoke me. Once again, I have zero interest in politics; I don’t understand it or its structure.”

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