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Akothee Angry Reacts Days After Omosh’s Departure, Saying ‘You Will Rot in Jail if You Dare Call Me Schweizer

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a recent live session on her Facebook account, Kenyan singer Akothee, renowned for her unapologetic demeanor, issued a stern warning to those falsely associating her with her Swiss husband, Denis Schweizer.

Unfazed by the rumors circulating about her personal life, she boldly declared her intention to pursue legal action against anyone propagating baseless claims.

During the session, Akothee, a mother of five, confronted inquiries from her followers about her relationship with Denis Schweizer. In response, she fearlessly stood up against her detractors.

“If you dare to call me Schweizer, I will take you to court for defamation of character,” she asserted, shutting down false connections with conviction.

Additionally, Akothee addressed concerns raised by her fans regarding her manager, Nelly Oaks, whom she affectionately referred to as “babe.”

She clarified her admiration for certain qualities in Nelly Oaks, underlining that her personal life remains her own and should not be subject to public scrutiny.

The singer firmly expressed her preference for keeping her private affairs away from social media, refusing to conform to the “slay queen” label often placed upon public figures.

Aside from her resilient stance against rumors, Akothee revealed her vulnerability, sharing a recent harrowing experience.

She disclosed her emotional turmoil, detailing days without food and sleep and the questioning of her ability to manage her public image, family, and business.

“I started by monitoring my behaviors. I realised I was breaking down quite often for no reason, even during simple interviews. I had become emotionally unstable, and I couldn’t pinpoint the cause. I only learned about emotional abuse after starting therapy,” Akothee shared.

Akothee expressed her gratitude to her close friends, family, especially her children, and her best friend, Nelly Oaks, for providing unwavering support during her difficult period.

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