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“Wewe ni mjinga sana” Wahu tells Nameless

by Paul Nyongesa
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Celebrity couple Nameless and Wahu found themselves in a picturesque setting as they celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary. In one of the videos Nameless shared on his social media pages, the two were seen heading towards the beach, with Nameless leading the way.

After walking a few meters, Nameless started to walk with an exaggerated caution, even attempting to step backward as if he had spotted danger ahead. He did this while playfully running back, giving the impression that his wife was in danger of being attacked by dangerous water creatures like crocodiles or hippos.

Wahu quickly caught on to the prank and displayed her irritation at the trick.

Nameless explained that sometimes in a marriage, it’s good for a husband to surprise his wife a little to bring laughter and excitement into the relationship. “Surprise your wife once in a while to ensure she’s always ready for anything! She’s afraid of hippos,” Nameless wrote.

Wahu fell into the trap immediately and tried to run in shock, but when she looked back, she realized that Nameless was laughing and teasing her, calling her silly and saying she shouldn’t be startled again.

“You are so silly, don’t do that to me again, Nameless, you are so foolish,” Wahu exclaimed, her voice filled with mock anger.

The couple celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary last Sunday and hinted that they would go on a vacation to a beautiful destination to create memories and find inner peace, reflecting on the ups and downs they have experienced in their nearly two-decade journey together.

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