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‘Waliachana’ Akothee’s Latest Photos Hint at a Breakup with Her Mysterious Swiss Man, Omosh

by Paul Nyongesa
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Akothee’s latest photos on her social media page may have hinted at a breakup with Denis Schweizer, also known as Omosh.

This comes as the entrepreneur continues to post photos and attend events with her former ex, Nelly Oaks.

Since their appearances at various events, Akothee has never shown a glimpse of Omosh, with her various Facebook comments hinting at their breakup.

Kenyans haven’t taken it seriously since she hasn’t come out publicly to confirm it.

.This was evident when the artist and mother of five attended her son, Evander Holifield Onyango’s graduation ceremony with her former manager and partner, Nelly Oaks.

Evander Holifield Onyango had just completed his engineering degree after five years of study.

During the ceremony, Akothee, who takes pride in her family, was accompanied by her daughter, Vesha Okello, and Nelly Oaks.

This is despite the fact that the two had separated a few years ago before Akothee moved on with her life and even got married to a foreigner in April of this year.

Akothee na Nelly Oaks.
Image: Insta

Akothee was well aware that people would speculate and talk about her appearance with Oaks, and she issued a warning to anyone who would try to interfere with her life and dictate who she should be seen with, vowing to block them without hesitation.

“As I arrive at my son’s graduation ceremony @holyfield_evander with my entire family @veshashaillan and my best friend, my manager, Osiepna @nellyoaks. Make noise if you want, I will keep posting. Do not mention another man in someone else’s post; that is trying to control my life, and I don’t like being controlled,” Akothee wrote in her post.

This is not the first time Nelly Oaks has shown his closeness to Akothee’s family despite their failed relationship a few years ago.

The two have been seen together at special events and celebrations, leading many to speculate that they may still maintain an underground relationship.

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