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Vera’s sharp response to reports of being depressed after split with Mauzo

by Samantha
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Vera Sidika, the renowned socialite and mother of two, continues to show her resilience and unwavering spirit despite being in the spotlight due to her marital situation. While her ex-husband Brown Mauzo and Amber Ray’s upcoming gig together has sparked debates and discussions, Vera remains undaunted.

The speculation surrounding Brown and Amber’s past relationship resurfaced recently, but Amber Ray clarified that it was merely a business association, dismissing the notion that they were romantically involved.

She referred to it as Brown’s attempt to gain attention and clout, generating a new wave of conversation.

In the midst of this, a fan on TikTok expressed concern about Vera’s emotional state, suggesting that she might be dealing with depression due to the situation.

Vera, however, responded assertively, brushing off the claim with confidence.

Tiktok user @marykingoo2 suggested “Umepatwa na depression” to which Vera said “@marykingoo2 haters mtangoja sana😂abadan katan🤞#asiabrown #queenveebosset #vera_sidika”

Meanwhile, Brown Mauzo, who seems to be aware of the ongoing conversations about him, playfully questioned why people love him. His fans responded with compliments, praising his personality, looks, and genetics. Many also noted his appealing skin color, which Brown humorously appreciated

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