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The Late Coach Benjamin Ayimba’s Baby Mama, Actress Gloria Moraa, Is Ready to Find a Man to Marry

by Paul Nyongesa
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Former Tahidi High actress Gloria Moraa, who is also the mother of the late rugby coach Benjamin Ayimba’s children, recently made a significant announcement.

She declared her readiness to embark on a new romantic journey while celebrating her birthday.

On her 39th birthday, Moraa took to social media to share her thoughts with her followers. She humorously stated that she is now prepared to “kutoka soko,” which translates to “leave the market” in English.

In a cheeky manner, she playfully advised her audience to hide all their male relatives, indicating her intentions to re-enter the dating scene.


She reflected on her life journey, expressing gratitude for the faithfulness of God and the support of her closest loved ones. Moraa described herself as both a “woman of steel” and a “vulnerable flower in the garden,” encapsulating the complexity of her personality and experiences.

Moraa also took a moment to reintroduce herself at 39 years of age, using her various aliases. She thanked her parents for making the right choice by prioritizing family over guests during Christmas, a decision that led to her existence. She extended her heartfelt wishes to God for longevity, peace, joy, love, and abundance that transcends human comprehension.

The actress and Benjamin Ayimba, a renowned rugby coach, shared a history of co-parenting their two children. While their relationship was initially amicable, it soured over time, leading to court battles. Moraa accused Ayimba of neglecting their children and infidelity, which eventually prompted her to end their seven-year relationship.

Tragically, the situation escalated when coach Ayimba passed away in May 2021. Initially, his family reportedly prevented Moraa and their children from attending the funeral. However, they later allowed the children to pay their respects to their late father. This marked the beginning of a series of online conflicts between Moraa and Ayimba’s family.

Despite her reluctance to engage in social media disputes, Moraa found herself in public spats with individuals who attacked her and her children. She lamented the harassment and criticized those who targeted her, citing a history of mistreatment that she had endured for seven years in silence.

In March 2023, one of Ayimba’s sisters accused Moraa of haunting Benjamin to death and suggested that she let the deceased rest in peace. Moraa, who had remained silent for years, decided to speak up, asserting her right to address the issues that had plagued her. She expressed her frustration at being expected to be the “bigger person” and vowed to confront the situation head-on.

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