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Sombre moods as Lady Rejects Young Man’s Proposal in the Presence of His Mum

by Samantha
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In a heart-wrenching moment captured on TikTok, a man decided to propose marriage to his girlfriend, with his mother by his side as a witness. The video, shared by TikTok user @bossstarn, documents the poignant turn of events when the lady rejected the proposal.

As the video unfolds, the man arrives at the proposal venue with a bouquet of flowers in hand. His mother stands beside him as he kneels down and, with anticipation in the air, asks the lady to be his wife. The girlfriend, who arrives at the location blindfolded, is unaware of the surprise awaiting her.

When her blindfold is removed, she finds herself face to face with her boyfriend, holding a flower and a ring. While she accepts the flower, she refuses to take the ring and proceeds to walk away from the scene, leaving a heavy atmosphere of disappointment behind.

The rejection was captured in another TikTok clip, which stirred various reactions from users. Some suggested that the lady should have accepted the ring to avoid embarrassing her boyfriend in front of his mother.

@richfriend23 noted that the lady seemed to have anticipated the rejection, while @kasupu humorously expressed her desire to be in a similar situation. However, @user9939297737424 speculated that the lady might have been thinking about her future prospects.

@moriah k94 empathized with those who have experienced similar situations, and @Nora defended the lady’s right to make choices for her own well-being. @Mercij offered the suggestion that she could have said yes to save her boyfriend from public embarrassment and discussed her decision with him privately.

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