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Simon Kibe: Nairobi Man Who Quit Mitumba Business To Make Millions in Car Hire Business

by Paul Nyongesa
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Simon Kibe’s journey as an entrepreneur started with a diverse range of business ventures, including the resale of secondhand clothing. However, his entrepreneurial spirit, combined with a keen eye for spotting market gaps, led him to a promising opportunity in the commercial vehicle rental industry.

Kibe’s friends, who were also engaged in various businesses, frequently expressed their frustration with the limited options available for short-term vehicle rentals.

They desired a more reliable and flexible solution, and this feedback ignited Kibe’s curiosity. It prompted him to explore the potential of this untapped market.

In 2016, driven by determination and vision, Kibe decided to take the plunge and venture into the car rental business. By 2018, he had formally registered his enterprise, naming it Kizusi Smartex Limited.

Little did he anticipate that this leap of faith would evolve into a thriving and profitable enterprise. Over time, Kizusi Smartex Limited transformed into a multifaceted service provider, offering an extensive range of vehicle rental options.

Their offerings include small, practical cars, luxurious vehicles for those seeking sophistication, chauffeur services for added convenience, and even specialized tourist vehicles. During the initial stages, Kibe primarily rented vehicles from various owners, settling payments at the end of each month.

However, as his business expanded, he diversified his fleet to encompass both customer-owned vehicles and his private collection.

This strategic shift not only bolstered the company’s asset base but also enhanced its capacity to efficiently meet customer demands.

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