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“Siendi gym bure!” Akothee Breaks Silence After Half-Naked Performance in Sweden

by Paul Nyongesa
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Singer Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, defended her controversial outfit worn during her performance in Stockholm, Sweden last weekend.

After initially posting pictures from the concert on her Facebook page on Monday evening and receiving a lot of criticism, the 43-year-old singer reposted the same pictures on her Instagram page on Tuesday afternoon without showing any signs of regret.

The mother of five emphasized her pride in her well-maintained body, which she attributes to her gym workouts.

“You see this outfit, Kenyans will say I am naked, see bottles already bursting. The table-shaking has happened again in Sweden. Tell them I don’t go to the gym for nothing,” Akothee said.

The singer continued to explain that for an artist’s performance to be impressive, they must capture the attention and interest of their fans.

“Music is about visuals, sound is for the ears, they should learn the difference between performance attire and fashion style. If they don’t accept it, let them call the police… Hide it from Tanzanians, focus on the beauty,” she added.

Musician Akothee stirred mixed emotions on various social media platforms on Monday evening after sharing pictures of her performing in front of her fans in Stockholm, Sweden, over the weekend.

Even before internet users could comment on the pictures, Akothee used the caption to defend herself and make it clear that she is not a role model for anyone.

“This is Akothee, the artist. A singer, entertainer, and not your typical role model. Akothee, the artist, has a different target audience today. Keep your judgment where your money is. With DJ Ike, the most sought after. SWEDEN was on fire. Thank you so much. NEXT LEVEL,” Akothee stated beneath the pictures.

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