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Shocking Revelation: NIS Targets David Ndii After Explosive Comments

by Samantha
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David Ndii, the chief economist of President William Ruto, has recently garnered attention from the National Intelligence Service (NIS), it has been revealed.

Ndii is widely recognized for his social media posts, some of which have been perceived as detrimental to the Kenya Kwanza regime. Particularly, his comments on the economy, where he openly acknowledged that President William Ruto might not be able to reduce the cost of living, have raised eyebrows.

According to information obtained by the Saturday Nation, his statements have drawn the interest of the NIS, which appears displeased with his criticisms of the government. The NIS has reportedly identified him as a government official prone to engaging in “controversial activities beyond his official role.”

Earlier this week, Ndii offered a humorous response when a Kenyan inquired why things were worsening despite President William Ruto and his deputy, Rigathi Gachagua, pledging to tackle the issue of the rising cost of living during their campaigns.

“And you believed them?” he retorted, indirectly implying that the two leaders were merely making campaign promises without concrete plans.

Furthermore, Ndii expressed skepticism about Ruto’s ability to combat corruption, asserting that corruption was already entrenched and would likely persist.

In another candid remark, he suggested that even the best doctors lose patients, implying that even if Ruto is well-intentioned, he may not necessarily improve the situation for Kenyans.

David Ndii’s outspokenness and critical views have made him a noteworthy figure in the ongoing political discourse in Kenya, drawing both attention and scrutiny from various quarters.

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