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Shock as Bungoma Wife Threatens to Return Home After Husband Marries Another Wife

by Paul Nyongesa
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In the reconciliation segment of the morning show, “Gidi na Ghost Asubuhi,” a young woman named Ruth Sarfu, 24 years old, reached out to request reconciliation with her husband, Wafula, 26, with whom she shares a child. Ruth shared the story of their two-year marriage, which had unraveled in April of this year after her husband left home for three months.

According to Ruth, the breakdown of their marriage began when Wafula left her alone at home for three months, during which he failed to take care of her and their child when they fell ill. This situation forced her to seek help from a neighbor and ultimately led to her fleeing their home.

“In the fourth month, I was at my husband’s house, and he left me for three months. I called him and told him that our child was sick, and he said nothing. A neighbor gave me medicine, and I nursed the child back to health. I also fell ill, and when I called him, he didn’t pick up. His mother took me to the hospital, where I was admitted for a week,” Ruth explained.

She continued, “When I recovered, he asked me if I had the strength to return home. I decided to go back to my parents. At first, we communicated via phone, but there came a point where I called him, and he threatened me, saying, ‘If you want to die, I know how to dig a four-cornered grave.’ He only calls me but hasn’t come home. I still love him. I have always loved him with all my heart.”

Ruth emphasized that despite everything that had happened, she still loved her husband deeply and wanted to understand his position.

When Wafula was contacted, he clarified that he had not chased his wife away but that the decision to separate was mutual. However, he admitted to intentionally distancing himself from Ruth for three months, as he wanted her to make her own decision.

“When a woman makes her decision, you let her do it first. I left her to make her own choices,” Wafula said.

He added, “She has bad behavior. She doesn’t get along with people at home. She started disrespecting my mother, so I thought I should let her handle things on her own. She ran away on her own. I left the house for her to do as she pleased. She wants to be in charge. But if she can recognize her mistakes, that’s okay.”

In her defense, Ruth said, “I know I left home without your permission, but you pushed me to do it. You left me alone at home for three months with nothing. I don’t see any fault on my part, except that your younger brother held a machete to attack me. I didn’t argue with him; I went and locked myself inside the house. I’ve never disrespected your mother.”

Wafula complained that his mother-in-law had once verbally abused him, which had fueled his anger.

At the same time, he revealed that he had already married another woman and stated that Ruth was free to return if she accepted the role of a second wife.

“I will tell you when to return; don’t come back today. I will inform you,” he said.

Ruth responded, “I am thankful that you found another wife, but don’t treat me the way you treated me. Stay with her and have children together. I just wanted to know your stance. Now I know, and I will prepare myself.”

Ruth’s words seemed to change Wafula’s position abruptly, and he confessed that he was merely joking about having another wife.

“I realized she still has some fire in her. I was just testing her. I don’t have another wife,” he said.

Following this, Ruth declared her readiness to return home and vowed to kick out anyone she found there.

“I have made up my mind. I’m starting my journey right now. I am the one entering that house. I am your wife forever and ever. I’ll take a motorbike, and he will pay for it,” she asserted.

Wafula concluded, “This matter has escalated. You can come back, but not today. I will let you know.”

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