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Sam Nyamweya accuses FKF boss Nick Mwendwa for hiding details of Azam deal

by Paul Nyongesa
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Former Football Kenya Federation (FKF) President, Sam Nyamweya, has raised serious concerns regarding the transparency of the broadcast sponsorship agreement between FKF and Tanzania’s Azam TV.

Nyamweya accused the current FKF president, Mr. Nick Mwendwa, of withholding crucial details about the deal and failing to involve the football clubs, which are significant stakeholders in Kenyan football.

In a statement released on Friday, Nyamweya expressed his dismay over the lack of transparency in the process. He questioned why the FKF had not shared the contract with the 18 clubs in the Kenya Premier League for their review and approval.

According to Nyamweya, clubs should be given priority to read and understand such contracts, as they are major shareholders in Kenyan football.

Nyamweya urged the clubs to stand their ground and demand a copy of the contract before committing to support the deal. He emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability in such agreements.

The former FKF president also pointed out that similar secrecy surrounded the contract with BetKing, the league’s title sponsor, despite requests from clubs for information about the seven-year deal.

Nyamweya raised concerns about a pattern of non-disclosure, suggesting that FKF might be concealing important details from the public.

Regarding the Azam TV deal, it was reported that FKF informed the 18 clubs that they would each receive Sh3.5 million annually from the Sh145 million per year agreement.

This left approximately Sh70 million in the hands of the federation for logistical purposes.

Nyamweya’s allegations have shed light on the need for transparency and open communication between football governing bodies and the clubs they represent.

Football clubs play a pivotal role in the sport, and their involvement in decisions and agreements is crucial for the overall well-being of Kenyan football.

As the controversy surrounding the Azam TV deal unfolds, there is growing pressure on FKF to provide full disclosure of the contract terms and ensure that clubs have access to all relevant information.

Transparency and accountability are not only essential for the integrity of the sport but also for building trust and confidence among stakeholders.

The upcoming FKF elections in February 2024 will likely play a significant role in determining the future leadership of the federation. Nyamweya’s candidacy and his commitment to involving all stakeholders in FKF’s plans have injected a new dimension into the debate about the direction of Kenyan football.

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