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Sad Twist as Bridegroom Cancels Wedding After Sister-in-Law Shaves His Beard

by Samantha
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One Reddit user has left people surprised after revealing the reason he canceled his wedding plans.

The man stated that he woke up to find his sister-in-law – his girlfriend’s sister – shaving his beard.

The man, whose name is unknown but is believed to be from the United States, posted on the Reddit forum ‘Am I wrong,’ questioning whether he was wrong to end his six-year relationship over this incident.

He explained that while he and his fiancée were happily dating last year, the girlfriend’s sister had been a problem in their relationship because they shared everything, including the man’s personal and private matters.

After an argument about shaving his beard before the wedding, the man had a heated dispute with his sister-in-law, and what followed was waking up to find her with a razor on his face, shaving his facial hair.

Reddit users were astonished by the ‘unrestrained’ behavior displayed by the two women, with one referring to them as careless and having jeopardized one of their chances for marriage.

The groom-to-be further explained that his sister-in-law was his girlfriend’s ‘rock’ during their education, and they kept no secrets, including his childhood secrets.

He also revealed that the sister-in-law had always been against him, rarely uttering a word in his favor.

The groom also stated that he sometimes felt that the sisters’ relationship was overly intense.

The tension escalated one night when the man and his girlfriend began arguing about his ‘thick’ eight-year-old beard. When he refused to shave it off, the bride-to-be got upset and smashed a wine glass and a plate – all because she was told to leave his beard as it was.

Unfortunately, the heated argument didn’t end there as the man woke up to his sister-in-law shaving his beard with a razor.

Waking up in the kitchen, he immediately pushed away the sister-in-law and scolded her.

The man quickly packed his belongings and made it clear to his partner in a stern tone that the wedding was off.

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