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Sad Story as Chinese Man Impregnates Woman and Vanishes Back to His Own Country

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a poignant and heart-wrenching story, a Chinese man who had been living and working in Nigeria found himself in a complicated situation when a romantic relationship with a Nigerian lady in Shagamu, Ogun state, led to an unexpected pregnancy.

This love story took an unfortunate turn when the man decided to return to China, leaving the mother of his child and the baby behind, alone and without support.

The Nigerian woman, determined to embrace motherhood, carried the pregnancy to term and gave birth to a baby with distinctive physical features reminiscent of the Chinese heritage.

It was a unique-looking child, a testament to the diverse backgrounds that had come together in this complicated union.

Tragically, as the day approached for the Chinese man to return to his homeland, he presented an unsettling proposition to the mother of his child. He insisted on buying the baby with money, a proposal that the woman firmly rejected.

Her love for her child and her commitment to their well-being were unwavering.

Heartbreakingly, the man chose to abandon both the woman he had fallen in love with and the child he had fathered.

With this painful decision, he left for China, severing all ties with the mother and child who remained in Nigeria, facing an uncertain future.

A video shared on social media captured the mother and her unique-looking baby in a public setting, shedding light on their story.

A caption on the video reads: “This young lady was impregnated by a Chinese expatriate somewhere along Sagamu Abeokuta expressway. The affair was blissful until it was time for him to return to his country; he then demanded that she ‘sell’ the baby to him, or else he wouldn’t fend for it. She declined to sell the baby, and he has decided to cut off mother and child.”

The story has evoked a range of reactions from the public, with some expressing their dismay at the unfortunate circumstances and others raising questions about legal actions and the role of the authorities.

@MoSuo777 lamented the situation and called for caution in cross-cultural relationships, emphasizing the importance of discernment when encountering individuals from different backgrounds.

@NkyEzenwa, on the other hand, questioned whether the incident had been reported to the police and why the man was allowed to leave the country under such distressing circumstances.

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