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Sad as Woman Dies Shortly After Excitedly Announcing on Facebook That She Was Going to Give Birth

by Paul Nyongesa
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Like any doting mother, Kelli Tyler was excited that the day to give birth to her 5th baby had finally arrived. The 35-year-old was looking forward to the delivery of her fifth child. She took to social media to share her excitement, unaware that this would be her last post.

Tragically, Kelli would never walk out of the hospital alive again. Her mother, Julie Roach, shared the heartbreaking news on Facebook, revealing that her daughter had suffered from a blocked artery, likely caused by a foreign body like a blood clot or an air bubble. The medical team at Mercy Hospital worked tirelessly to revive her, but after nearly two hours, they had to pronounce her gone.

Despite the devastating loss of Kelli, there was a glimmer of hope. Kelli’s baby, Jaylee, had her own traumatic experience but was transported to OU Children’s Hospital. Fortunately, the newborn is doing well, and Julie shared that she weighed a healthy 4 kilograms at birth. “As of today, she is eating like a little piglet and was taken off her fluids,” Julie said, reflecting on her granddaughter’s resilience.

Julie expressed the deep pain of losing her child, saying, “There are truly no words to describe the pain of losing your child.” She fondly remembered Kelli as a wonderful mother to her children and a source of stability in their lives, highlighting her beautiful smile.

Now, Julie’s biggest priority is ensuring that Kelli’s five children are well taken care of in their mother’s absence. The family is facing the challenges of this tragedy, but they also see a blessing in Jaylee. Julie mentioned the need for a GoFundMe page to assist with various expenses, including food, clothes, diapers, and school needs, as they adjust to their new normal.

In the midst of their grief, Julie finds solace in her faith, saying, “My family faces a different normal now. But God is good.” T

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