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Sad as Tanzanian-Based Football Official Impregnates Harambee Starlets’ Under-17 Girl in Dodoma

by Paul Nyongesa
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An official affiliated with Tanzania’s Fountain Gate Princess Football Club finds themselves in the midst of controversy as they face allegations of being involved in a romantic relationship with a former Kenyan player who once represented the Harambee Starlets in the U-20 and U-17 national teams.

In a statement issued by the Club’s Executive Director, Mr. Japhet Makau, Fountain Gate Princess acknowledged that they had received information regarding an intimate relationship between one of their officials and the subsequent pregnancy of the former Kenyan player. In response, the club took swift action by requesting the official’s side of the story regarding these accusations.

The accused official vehemently denied any involvement in an intimate relationship with the young lady and refuted claims of being responsible for the pregnancy.

“The club has decided to suspend the official to allow for a thorough investigation into the matter. We are also in continuous communication with the Football Kenya Federation, the Tanzania Football Federation, and the family of the young woman to determine the appropriate steps that need to be taken regarding this situation. The Club remains fully committed to cooperating with all parties involved until the truth is uncovered and suitable actions are taken regarding the individuals implicated,” said Mr. Makau.

Furthermore, the Club emphasized that the official’s actions do not align with the organization’s values and principles. They pointed out that the club’s management has actively participated in football-related meetings and seminars advocating for players’ rights, including measures against sexual harassment and corruption within the sport.

“Nonetheless, it is challenging to monitor the private affairs and intentions of individual club officials. In this particular case, it has been determined that the official’s actions were of a private nature and do not represent the official stance of the Club. We will continue to collaborate with all relevant parties until the truth is revealed and suitable actions are taken. This incident should serve as a reminder to other leaders who engage in similar behavior,” Mr. Makau concluded.

The young footballer in question had joined Fountain Gate in June 2022 under a two-year contract initially set to conclude in May 2023. However, she departed from the club earlier, mutually agreeing to terminate her contract, and all contractual obligations were duly met.

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