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Sad as Kenyatta University graduate who scored A in KCSE now turns to doing mjengo jobs for survival

by Paul Nyongesa
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John Mukuli’s story is a testament to both resilience and the challenges that many educated individuals face in their pursuit of stable employment.

After achieving an impressive A- in his KCSE examination in 2006, John earned a degree in Bachelor of Science (Microbiology) from Kenyatta University.

“I not only achieved exceptional grades during my tenure at Kabaa High School but also consistently excelled throughout my academic journey at Kenyatta University.” He said

Despite his qualifications, his journey has been marred by adversity, including unemployment and financial constraints.

Upon completing his education, John diligently searched for job opportunities within various government institutions.

“I have primarily applied online and, in some cases, submitted hard copies to esteemed organizations such as Kwal, EABL, Unilever, Norbrook, ICIPE, ILRI, PSC jobs, and many others.”

Unfortunately, despite his impressive qualifications, he found himself repeatedly facing rejection.

In some instances, he was even confronted with the disheartening suggestion that he should bribe government officials to secure employment.

However, his commitment to integrity and his limited financial resources prevented him from taking this unethical path.

Forced to navigate the harsh reality of unemployment, John made the difficult decision to return to manual labor.

Since 2015, he has been working in the construction industry, primarily in mjengo jobs.

Despite the physical demands and challenges of this work, John remains dedicated and earns a modest salary of 500 shillings per day.

“I’ve been searching for a job for many months, and it’s been really tough on my family, especially my mother. She’s regretting taking a loan to send me to university.” John Lamented.

While working at the construction, John says his colleagues have being laughing at him on why he wasted money going to school.

“I’ve been working in the construction sector, and many of my colleagues there find it amusing that I invested so much money in my education only to return to the same sector they’ve been in, despite them not having pursued formal education.” He narrated.

If you are a well-wisher who believes in helping individuals like John Mukuli secure a job opportunity, please consider reaching out to him at phone number 0728785574.

Together, we can support individuals like John in their pursuit of a brighter future and the chance to utilize their skills and education to contribute positively to society.

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