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Sad as Kenyan goes to US as a maths teacher only to end up as a watchman

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Patrick Sumba Mutoro’s journey from Kenya to the United States is a tale of determination and resilience, highlighting the pursuit of one’s passion and dreams even in the face of challenges and unexpected turns.

Mutoro’s story begins with his passion for teaching mathematics and physics in Kenya. After completing his teacher training in Kenya, he embarked on a teaching career, starting at Mudavadi Girls High School. He later taught at Mutonge High School for four years, demonstrating his dedication to education.

However, Mutoro faced the harsh reality that the pay for teachers in Kenya was insufficient, especially for those with a bachelor’s degree. Despite his love for teaching, he made the difficult decision to leave the Teacher Service Commission (TSC) job. This decision led him to Laiser High School, where he continued to impart knowledge for three years.

His career took an upward trajectory when he became the deputy headmaster at Testimony School in Eldoret and later the headmaster at Talent High School. However, a setback came when he lost his position at Brookshine due to not meeting expected standards. Undeterred, he secured a teaching position at Sunshine High School, where he dedicated six years to his students.

The dramatic turn of events occurred when Mutoro stumbled upon a green card application advertisement while in Nairobi. Despite a successful teaching career in Kenya, he decided to take a chance and applied for the green card, not expecting the life-changing outcome.

Upon arriving in the United States, Mutoro faced the reality that he needed to adapt to a different job market. With limited opportunities for immigrants, he initially worked in caregiving and security, far from his teaching passion.

However, Mutoro’s determination to pursue his passion led him to discover the Grand Canyon teacher preparation course. Despite working long hours as a security guard, he diligently attended online classes in the evenings.

Upon completing the course, he obtained the necessary credentials to apply for a teaching position in the U.S., reigniting his dream of educating and inspiring students.

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