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Revealed: Why Maverick Aoko Quit Politics Days After Claiming She Was Depressed

by Samantha
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In the ever-evolving landscape of Kenyan politics and social media, one name that has consistently made waves is Maverick Aoko. A journalist turned blogger, Aoko has been a prominent figure known for her outspoken views and bold statements. However, in a surprising turn of events, Aoko recently announced her exit from Kenyan politics and social media, citing a need for a break from the political chaos that has surrounded her.

Aoko made her announcement on September 18, 2023, through a lengthy and heartfelt statement that resonated with many of her followers. In this statement, she declared her decision to sever ties with Kenyan politics and expressed her intention to step away from the bustling city of Nairobi temporarily. The reasons behind her decision are multifaceted, and they shed light on the complexities of navigating the political landscape in Kenya.

The statement began with a firm proclamation: “Mimi na siasa, kaput!” (Me and politics, we are done!). It was a clear signal that Aoko was putting an end to her involvement in the tumultuous world of Kenyan politics. She vowed never to discuss the subject again, leaving her followers and critics alike in a state of surprise and intrigue.

Aoko also shared her plan to take a hiatus from social media, emphasizing that her return would be focused on different topics. This move reflects a desire for a fresh start and a break from the online realm that had become an integral part of her life.

One of the intriguing revelations in Aoko’s statement was her commitment to completing her Political Science Degree at the University of Nairobi. Despite her turbulent journey in politics, she expressed her determination to finish her studies. Aoko’s dedication to education showcases her resilience and commitment to personal growth.

The statement also shed light on Aoko’s past claims of promises made by Kenya Kwanza allies. She alleged that she had been assured of an education and a government job, only to be later abandoned and ignored. This aspect of her journey highlights the challenges faced by individuals who place their trust in political figures, only to be let down by broken promises.

Aoko’s decision to pursue studies in either climate change or animal husbandry and aspire to become a renowned writer like Grace Ogot or Chimamanda Adichie speaks to her desire for personal reinvention and a fresh start in her career.

In her statement, Aoko did not hold back when criticizing politicians. She branded them as liars and selfish individuals who prioritize their personal interests over the needs of jobless citizens like herself. Her candid assessment of the political landscape resonated with many who have experienced similar disillusionment.

Aoko also raised concerns about politicians’ involvement in various business dealings, including manufacturing vehicles and collaborating with alcohol companies. Her comments serve as a call to action for voters to be vigilant and discerning when choosing their leaders.

Aoko concluded her statement by revealing her intention to return to the political scene once the Kenya Kwanza government is no longer in State House. She also expressed her support for Embakasi East MP Babu Owino, whom she considers a special case.

Throughout her journey in Kenyan politics and social media, Aoko has made headlines for her controversies and bold statements. She gained national attention for her allegations of sexual misconduct within the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and her subsequent alignment with President William Ruto.

Aoko’s struggles with depression and a suicide attempt further underscore the emotional toll that political involvement and online fame can have on individuals. Her decision to step back, reflect, and heal is a powerful reminder of the importance of mental health and self-care.

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