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Paul Makenzi’s lawyer claims he was drugged, mugged and robbed of valuables while at social joint.

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a startling revelation, Wycliffe Makasembo, the lawyer representing cult leader Paul Makenzi, has come forward with a harrowing tale of being drugged, mugged, and left partially blind.

The incident reportedly occurred while Makasembo was at a social gathering, but he has not disclosed the specific details regarding the location and time of the attack.

During a court appearance at the Shanzu Law Courts for the mention of Paul Makenzi’s case, Makasembo appeared visibly distressed, with teary eyes. He frequently used his handkerchief to wipe and rub his eyes, further indicating the severity of the situation.

Makasembo explained to the court that he not only endured a violent mugging but was also subjected to the spraying of a chemical substance. This traumatic experience resulted in the loss of his personal belongings and a serious deterioration in his eyesight.

Adding another layer of complexity to the situation, Makasembo revealed that the assailants who attacked him had been impersonating him in messages to his colleagues in the legal profession and magistrates.

These fraudulent messages sought financial assistance, with the perpetrators posing as Makasembo in dire need of Sh8,000 in cash.

“I was a victim of mugging, and a chemical was sprayed on me. I lost everything. In fact, I’m slowly losing my sight. Even my coordination is not coherent, but all the same, I managed to come to court. Now, your honour, those who mugged me are busy sending messages to judicial officers, my friends, and relatives asking for Sh8,000,” Makasembo lamented before the court.

Despite the traumatic experience, Makasembo did not provide specific details about the circumstances of the incident or the exact location where he was mugged.

In light of his physical and emotional distress, Makasembo requested a two-week period for recovery. He expressed his difficulty in speaking and walking properly due to the worsening condition of his eyesight.

“I’m so bitter I might even take a plea for murder,” he remarked.

The situation surrounding Paul Makenzi, the cult leader, remains highly complex.

Over 429 bodies have been exhumed from shallow mass graves in the Shakahola Forest since Makenzi’s arrest. Investigations into the cult’s activities continue, with forensic experts preparing for the fifth phase of exhumation.

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