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Outcry as 15-Year-Old Boy Dies After Falling Into Uncovered Septic Tank in Namanga, Kajiado

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Tragedy struck in Namanga, Kajiado, when a 15-year-old boy lost his life in a horrifying accident.

The incident occurred when the young boy and his 17-year-old friend were engrossed in play on an open field in the Maili Tisa trading center.

The duo accidentally slipped into an uncovered septic tank, plunging into a hazardous situation that became fatal for one of them.

Witnesses who were present at the scene acted swiftly, coming to the rescue of the trapped youngsters. They rushed them to a nearby hospital, but despite their best efforts, the 15-year-old boy could not be saved, succumbing to his injuries during treatment.

Local authorities, upon receiving reports of the incident, initiated an investigation into the tragedy.

Their focus is on establishing accountability and seeking an explanation from the owner of the uncovered septic tank.

Witnesses at the scene revealed that the tank was nearly full of waste at the time of the unfortunate incident, raising questions about safety measures in place.

The injured boy was still in hospital on Monday, police said. The body of the boy was moved to the mortuary for autopsy and further processing.

Meanwhile, in Emali, Makueni, another unsettling incident was made along the Mombasa-Nairobi highway near the Pipeline station.

The lifeless body of an unidentified adult male, approximately 40 years old, was found with no visible injuries.

The police were alerted by concerned residents who spotted the body. The deceased was taken to the mortuary, where an autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death.

The police have assured the public that they are diligently investigating both cases, emphasizing the need for patience as they work to unravel the circumstances surrounding these tragic events.

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