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Netizens React as TikToker Sueh Owino Stuns with Underground Baked Goat Leg for Her Husband

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Sueh Owino, a popular TikTok content creator known for sharing her culinary skills, has taken the internet by storm with her latest cooking extravaganza, which left viewers in awe.

In her latest viral video, Sueh begins by recalling her husband’s request for something “organic” and proceeds to meticulously slice, season, and marinate a goat leg, dedicating a full 24 hours to the process.

The culinary journey then takes an unexpected turn as Sueh heads outdoors, where she crafts a fireplace from scratch, using firewood, bricks, a spade, and ashes to prepare for the next step.

With the marinated goat leg in hand, Sueh wraps it in banana leaf parchment and foil paper before submerging it into the smoldering fireplace. She covers it with more foil paper and soil, initiating a five-hour cooking process using a technique known as pit barbecue.

The pit barbecue method, which has been employed by indigenous peoples worldwide for thousands of years, involves slow-cooking food in an earth oven.

Sueh’s expertise and unwavering patience during this nearly thirty-hour cooking endeavor captured the internet’s attention and earned her a legion of new admirers overnight.

Her video, which has garnered over 400,000 views, even found its way to X (formerly Twitter), where users showered her with praise. One user exclaimed, “Shoutout to Sueh Owino on TikTok! Now this is real content creation!” The tweet garnered thousands of likes and nearly 600,000 views.

Another user humorously juxtaposed Sueh’s culinary dedication with a fictional character, saying, “Sueh Owino went to the garden, dug a hole, collected wood, and made fire just to cook her husband an organic meal. Then there’s Achieng’ from Kochia who cannot even boil water to make son of man morning tea. This earth!”

Sueh’s latest video has also sparked calls from hundreds of viewers for top kitchen brands to partner with her and consider her as a brand ambassador.

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