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MultiChoice Kenya Launches Two Brand New Local Shows, ‘Zari’ and ‘Ka-Siri,’ on Maisha Magic Plus, Starring Brenda Wairimu and Sarah Hassan

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MultiChoice Kenya, the leading pay-TV and entertainment provider in the country, is set to delight television enthusiasts across Kenya with the introduction of two captivating local shows.

These engaging series will be accessible on Maisha Magic Plus, now available on DStv Access and GOtv Plus, as part of the thrilling “Tumefungulia Magic” campaign.

“Zari”: This show presents a modern Cinderella story, following the journey of Nina, a young woman whose true family and fortune remain hidden from her.

The series raises questions like: Will Nina and her biological father, Dylan, ever be reunited? Will her adopted family face the consequences of their deception?

“Zari” premieres on Monday, October 23, 2023, and airs every Monday to Friday at 20:30 EAT. Key cast members include renowned local actors Brenda Wairimu and Sara Hassan.

“Ka-Siri”: This compelling telenovela explores the timeless theme that even the affluent experience tears. The gripping narrative unfolds around Zula, an exceedingly wealthy man whose life is tragically cut short in a home invasion.

Viewers will embark on a rollercoaster of drama as they strive to uncover who ultimately emerges victorious. “Ka-Siri” boasts an impressive lineup of over 100 episodes, promising its audience an enduring and captivating journey.

Tune in every Monday to Wednesday at 19:30 EAT, starting from Monday, October 9, 2023. Key cast members include Janet Torome, Saada Fateh, and Philip Munyau.

Nzola Miranda, Managing Director of MultiChoice Kenya, emphasized the company’s unwavering commitment to providing exceptional, family-friendly entertainment experiences.

She stated, “Through our Tumefungulia Magic campaign, these shows and more will be available to customers subscribed to DStv Access and GOtv Plus and above.”

Miranda continued, “We are fulfilling our promise to be Kenya’s most-loved storyteller, granting access to premium local content to our broader audience of viewers.”

She added, “In all we do, we remain committed to leveraging our resources, partnerships, and talent collaborations to bring our customers the best in content. The two new local shows will be a game-changer in local film production and consumption, giving the whole family more reasons to stay glued to their televisions.”

Rashid Abdullah, the producer of both shows, expressed his gratitude to MultiChoice Kenya for supporting local productions in Kenya.

He shared, “Film production is a costly endeavor, and as filmmakers, investing in and financing productions is not without its challenges.”

Abdullah highlighted the importance of partners like MultiChoice, stating, “As industry players, we are delighted to have partners like MultiChoice who enable Kenyans to tell their own authentic stories, reflecting cultural and societal nuances while creating job opportunities for a wide range of professionals within the film ecosystem, from actors and makeup artists to sound producers and set designers.”

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