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Man Who Married to Please His Parents Cries for Help After Wife Beats Him Daily

by Paul Nyongesa
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A middle-aged man who confessed to marrying solely to please and satisfy his parents now finds himself in tears as he claims his wife physically abuses him daily.

The man, who sent a confidential message to an online influencer on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, requested to remain anonymous but sought advice.

He revealed that he got married five years ago to fulfill his parents’ wishes, but he has been silently enduring the pain of an abusive marriage, with his wife subjecting him to beatings almost every day.

“I’ve been in this marriage for five years now, but I’m not happy. I’m still in this marriage because of my parents,” the distraught man said with a regretful tone.

Although he admitted that he has long desired to divorce his wife, the entire process has been an uphill battle. His wife presents herself as a very decent person to his parents, but when they are alone together, she treats him like a slave, subjecting him to beatings, slaps, belts, and kicks.

“My wife is excellent with my family, but at home, she beats me every day. I’m ashamed to say the other things she does to me,” he confessed.

The man also revealed another reason he has been unable to leave his wife despite her daily abuse is her exceptional prowess in the bedroom.

“I’ve wanted a divorce, but she is very skilled in bed. I feel like I’m slowly dying in my own home,” he concluded while seeking help from online users.

Some of the comments on the post suggested that the man is conflicted and at a crossroads, torn between self-respect and the sexual satisfaction provided by his wife. They urged him to make a choice between enduring continued mistreatment and seeking a new beginning that prioritizes his well-being and mental health by ending the marriage.

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