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List of High-End Dignitaries Who Attended Gor Mahia Super Fan Collo Kwala’s Resounding Send-Off

by Paul Nyongesa
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In the heart of Rusinga Island, Homa Bay County, thousands gathered on a somber Friday to bid farewell to Collins Ochieng Kwala, a renowned videographer whose lens captured not just moments but hearts.

Collins was more than a professional; he was a staunch supporter of Gor Mahia, the local football club that he followed passionately for an entire decade.

His life, tragically cut short in a road accident on September 9th in Londiani, Kericho County, left a void not just in the media industry but also in the hearts of every person he encountered.

Prominent figures, including Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo and AFC Leopards chairman Dan Shikanda, joined the throng of mourners.

They were not alone; an entourage of Gor Mahia fans made the journey from Nairobi, a testament to the tight-knit family that football can create.

Among them was lawyer and politician Brian Weke, who emceed the event, and Ohangla maestro Prince Indah, whose shared memories painted a vivid picture of Collins’ vibrant life.

Collins Kwala’s story wasn’t just about his passion for football. It was about the lives he touched and the smiles he brought.

Speaker after speaker stepped up to the podium, their voices heavy with emotion, to share anecdotes that showcased his kindness and humility.

Prince Indah, in particular, recounted a heartbreaking conversation he had with Collins just hours before the accident.

Collins had confirmed his attendance at one of Prince Indah’s shows in Busia County, his excitement evident in his voice.

Hours later, he was gone, leaving behind memories that would forever echo in the hearts of those who knew him.

Millie Odhiambo, the chief guest at the funeral, used the occasion to address more than just the loss of a dear friend.

In a poignant moment, she spoke about shifting allegiances in politics, reminding the audience of the values of loyalty and gratitude.

Her words, though aimed at the political arena, resonated deeply, serving as a reminder of the principles Collins held dear – commitment, passion, and unwavering dedication to the causes he believed in.

Governor Johnson Sakaja, though absent in person, made his presence felt by providing transportation for mourners from Nairobi.

His gesture encapsulated the solidarity that emerged in the face of tragedy, reminding everyone present that even in grief, there is a community that stands together.

The funeral was not just a mourning of a life lost but a celebration of a life lived to the fullest. It was a reminder that every moment is precious, and every person we meet leaves an indelible mark on our lives.

Collins Kwala’s legacy isn’t just in the images he captured or the videos he produced; it’s in the kindness he showed, the passion he shared, and the love he spread. His dedication to Gor Mahia mirrored his approach to life – with unyielding fervor, unwavering loyalty, and boundless enthusiasm.

As the sun set over Rusinga Island, casting a golden glow on the gathered mourners, it was evident that Collins Ochieng Kwala might have left this world, but he had left behind a legacy that would endure.

His love for Gor Mahia, his kindness, and his ability to bring people together in joy and sorrow would continue to inspire, reminding us all that even in the face of tragedy, there is a beauty in the shared memories of a life well-lived.

Collins may have bid farewell to this world, but his spirit, his laughter, and his passion for Gor Mahia would echo in the chants of the fans and the goals of the players, ensuring that his memory would live on, not just in the annals of football history but in the hearts of every person he touched.

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