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Kabi Wajesus Opens Up About Bhang Addiction and the Peer Pressure to Undergo Circumcision in Class 6

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Content creator Peter Kabi, popularly known as Kabi Wajesus, has opened up about his early encounter with marijuana when he was still in primary school.

The former musician and entertainer, now a devout believer, revealed that he started using the illicit drug in the sixth grade after being introduced to it by a group of friends who intended to involve him in criminal activities.

He explained that he found himself experimenting with marijuana in an attempt to join the gang, which also pushed him into circumcision before completing primary school.

“They told me that to join, I needed to be circumcised; a plot that would have seen me persuade my parents to let me undergo the knife in sixth grade. Thank God, that plan never materialized!” Kabi said in a Tuesday morning post.

He added, “We often hear people using bhang, but it’s a path that can lead a child into crime, severe addiction, or a life with no direction! So, let’s not trivialize drug use just because you are an adult and perhaps in control. What about that child who is watching and all they want is to mimic without restraint? How will their young minds be saved from this?”

Kabi revealed that a doctor advised him to quit smoking marijuana and cigarettes after being diagnosed with tuberculosis, a goal he managed to achieve briefly before falling back into addiction.

The entertainer further disclosed that he successfully battled marijuana addiction after he embraced Christianity nearly a decade ago.

“On September 15, 2013, I got saved and born again. Out of fear of relapsing, I decided to stop. But to my surprise, when I accepted Jesus as my Savior, that desire disappeared!” he said.

He added, “But I also did something else – I had heartfelt conversations with my old demons, holding them captive and declaring, ‘I will not smoke or drink you again, I am born again now!’ I believe in the power of confessing your faith, not just to others but to your struggles as well.”

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