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Justina Syokau Reveals Reasons for Marriage Breakup with Her Ex-Husband, Kalonzo Musyoka’s Brother

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Kenyan gospel singer Justina Syokau has bravely shared her painful experiences from her past marriage, shedding light on the infidelity and abusive behavior she endured at the hands of her ex-husband.

Syokau revealed that her ex-husband openly engaged in infidelity, even going so far as to bring other women into their home. She expressed her disbelief at the betrayal, particularly because he had presented himself as a devout and religious person.

“When you’re in a relationship, it’s hard to tell if someone is genuine or not. The first one was so genuine, I didn’t know he was a womanizer, I didn’t know I would wake up and see him with another person, and also bringing women into our house,” she said.

The revelation of her ex-husband’s true nature left her deeply hurt and shocked. She recalled how he had infiltrated her circle of friends, making the betrayal even more painful.

“I didn’t know one day I would cry because of him coz he was a church person, I didn’t know he would have my friends, it was so hurtful,” she added.

Taking a courageous step, Syokau recently revealed her ex-husband’s identity as Johnstone Vundi Musyoka, who happens to be the brother of prominent Kenyan politician Kalonzo Musyoka. She recounted the timeline of their marriage, explaining that they got married in June 2012 but were divorced by August 2013 due to a multitude of issues, including infidelity.

In an emotional Instagram post, she shared the depth of her pain and frustration, saying, “😭😭😭 my worst day in my life 😭😭 Am tired of faking am not ok. My x name is Johnstone Vundi Musyoka Brother to Kalonzo Musyoka. He married me 2012 June chased me 2013 August. Together we got a son by the name NIXON MUSYOKA VUNDI. He chased me out of our matrimonial home.”

She also revealed the difficult relationship she had with her ex-husband’s mother, who made it clear that she did not want her grandson to be cared for by Syokau.

Immediately I got birth to our son. His mother says his son will never be taken care by my x. Mother to my husband his name is MULLY. This woman mistreated me threatened me to leave his son,” Syokau added.

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